333 Affirmations

250 ден

  • Издавачка куќа: ПАБЛИШЕР
  • Година на издавање: 2019
  • Јазик: англиски


This small collection of 333 affirmations is intended for everyone who accepts the idea that the power to create anything lies within ourselves. If you believe that you can achieve the impossible, thanks to your own potentials, then rest assured – you are in for magical rewards. Isn’t it fascinating to know that you have the privilege to create the world you wish for? And only with the help of your thoughts. By harnessing the energy of human thought, everyone has the possibility to create the destiny they wish for. Therefore, it is very important to become aware of our own thoughts. Since thought is energy, and conscious thought is dedicated energy.

Decide and choose your reality, with a pure and elevated thought. Because, as soon as you decide and make your choice, the magic will begin. You are worth it!


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